The big move.

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about what’s going on with my apprehensive story posts, my sometimes-quiet days on social media and the associated mysterious banter about my relocation back to British Columbia, Canada.

It’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago when I started my online wine journey by opening my blog and Instagram account.  It was my way of expressing my new-found passion for wine on a medium I felt wasn’t being utilized enough in the wine world.  I wanted to share stories and pictures in an approachable way that would also spread the word about classy, elite South African wines that were and are not talked about enough on a global scale.

It’s a tough one, because as the opportunities and relationships came…life happened.

Without getting too personal, I want to say that for me, the beauty and scary part about life itself is that just when you believe it’s going one way and you’re in control, everything can change…sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

It was my 10-year anniversary of living in South Africa this past May – which brought with it a lot of self-reflection.  After a life-changing trip to a beautiful reserve called Londolozi, and what I believe to be a very spiritual experience with a herd of elephants, I made the split decision to change my July vacation home to Canada to a permanent stay.

This was only 8 weeks ago.

Now, as I sit at my parents house in Kelowna, attempting to unwind from weeks of chaos, I’m looking towards a very unknown but exciting future and I find myself more excited than ever to share it with all of you, too.  I’ve formed some amazing relationships through my writing and Instagram and I cherish them very much.

Instagram for me has become a funny thing lately, it’s not what it was even a year ago.  Most people seem to only care about self-exposure, followers, algorithims and engagement…so much so that authenticity is becoming lost.  The ugly side to the Instagram ‘influencer’ world is that no one knows if who they’re following has genuinely gained followers and trust, or if bots have done all the work.  This is a hard subject for me to discuss and to each their own, but I feel it’s important I mention I have not and will not pay a service to do my likes and following. That’s done with my own fingers, on my own time.  What you see is what you get, and I hope as the world of social media develops, Instagram users don’t lose sight of the importance of raw human engagement.  Many people might respond to my statement saying that no engagement on social media can be deemed as real human engagement, but I would completely disagree, and the proof is in the pudding.  Instagram, if done slowly and correctly can be an amazing tool for people wanting to communicate and share their passions with others, and the relationships that form as a result across continents is something spectacular.

So I’m going to keep at it, even when there are days I want to throw away my phone!

Over the coming months I will be navigating my way through the BC wine world and trying to find a space that fits for me.  I hope that you’ll join in for the ride.

Content will stay the same as before, but this time we’ll be discussing a whole new world of producers, new grape varietals and talking to new faces.

If you live in the area and have some pointers or are interested in getting involved with me I’d love to hear from you.  I’m looking for help with reviews and direction.  So, don’t be shy, reach out and let’s chat.

There may not be as many wild animals in my posts – but I promise nothing short of honest, non-bias reviews and just a lot of fun.

Thank you to each and every single one of you that took the time to read this post and to those that have been reaching out and encouraging me these last couple of months – it means the world to me.

So, cheers to another fresh adventure.  Follow along and sip with me and let’s keep talking honestly about wine and learning together.

Cheers for now,




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  1. Welcome back to Canada Katie. I’ve followed your journey in South Africa for the past seven months and know how lucky we are to have you here in British Columbia. Your authenticity, engagement, and all around positive vibes are more than welcome in an industry that, in its infancy, could use a guiding hand.
    Much love

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